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About Me

Heya! I'm Saurav. I'm a designer who loves to code and bring value to the world by designing beautiful experiences. I've been designing interfaces for the past 9+ years. I love solving design/dev problems and a result of it I got obsessed with Design Systems. I have a passion for creating simple, clean, easy-to-use and practically-achievable interfaces.

Currently I work as a Staff Designer (Design Systems) at Razorpay.

At a very early stage of my life, I realised that "design" was calling me and it started with all those "billboards" on the streets.


Besides all this I love to 📺 & 🎮 football⚽️ and I'm an all-time CR7 fan! I also love travelling and in a quest to travel the world.

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Career Events

Events from my career timeline


June 2020 - Present Staff Designer (Design Systems) Leading Design System team 👨‍💻 Blade DSL (Storybook) | 🧑‍🎨 Blade DSL (Figma)